How I work




Step 1 We'll have an initial chat to establish what

you're looking for and when, and to see if I can help. If we're both still interested, I'll give you an estimated cost. It'll be within a range, but should be enough for you to gauge if it's within your budget.

Step 2 I'll go away and prepare a formal quote for the project from start to finish, including two rounds of changes. Unless the brief changes considerably from what we've agreed, or I end up doing loads of drafts, that's what the job will cost.

Good writers need good processes. Here's how I like to work – a system honed through years of experience – and what's in it for you. 

Step 4 I'll interview any relevant experts and read all about the topic. Then I'll come up with a suggested outline for how I'll approach the piece. This is so you can check I'm on track with my thinking early on. If I'm off course, now's the chance to put me straight.

Step 3 Happy? Then it's time for a more detailed briefing. We can do this face-to-face, over the phone or on email - whatever works for you. I'll ask you lots of questions to get the full picture of what you need to achieve, and for which audience. I'll then put this in writing so you can confirm it's what we agreed. If you're okay with it, I'll crack on with the project.

Step 5 Next, I'll write. And when I'm done, I'll put the job through the Copy by Claire test. That means asking if it's clear, lively, accurate, intelligent, relevant and effective. If I can answer yes to all six, I'll know I'm ready to send you the copy.


Step 6 I'll take in any changes you suggest. It's much faster if you can collate all the feedback from your reviewers for me - it also means we can discuss what to do if any of the comments are contradictory. The fee includes two rounds of changes. If we run to several drafts, it may end up costing a bit more. But I'll try to avoid charging extra if I can.

Step 7 We're done! Now I just need to check you got what you needed. So I'll ask you to fill in a super-short survey. It'll take one minute max and will help me improve what I do, as well as get you thinking about what worked and what didn't. So hopefully we can do business together again.