Why blogging’s like wearing nipple tassels to Sainsbury’s

Do you remember the Channel 4 reality TV show, Faking It? The basic idea was to take some ordinary Joe and give them four weeks to become good enough at something (conducting, doing a drag act, being a burlesque dancer) to potentially fool a panel of experts.

What made it so brilliant was that the producers made people do things that ran counter to their personalities or beliefs. So the drag queen was a burly naval officer with some initial preconceptions about gay people. And the burlesque dancer was a cleaner who wouldn't say boo to a goose, let alone don nipple tassels and shake her stuff on stage.

Seeing these unlikely candidates master their fears and overcome their prejudices made the show compulsive viewing. But it also brought me out in a sympathetic cold sweat. As an introvert, the thought of doing anything that might make people notice me is tantamount to wearing nipple tassels to Sainsbury’s. So blogging was never going to hold much appeal.

That probably sounds a bit weird coming from someone who writes for a living (and loves it). But there’s a huge difference between writing white papers for clients and sharing your personal views with a load of strangers in the Twittersphere. And a quick snoop on t’internet reveals that there are plenty of people – especially other writers – who feel the same. They just choose to ignore their inner introvert and publish anyway.

So I’ve decided to give it a go, the only way I know how. And that’s to imagine I’m writing for an audience of one. Me.

I’ll keep you posted.

Do you feel the fear and blog anyway? Tell me on Twitter @copybyclaire

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