Hello. I’m Claire Atherton,

an award-winning copywriter.

I turn complex ideas, strong opinions and dense data into clear and lively content.
So you can reach more people, spark more conversations and attract more business.

Who I write for

I mainly work with organisations that help other organisations to work better, like EY, Korn Ferry and Xantura. But I also write for creative agencies, professional bodies, insurers and banks.

What I write about

Most of my work focuses on how organisations can tackle their biggest challenges, like going green or getting to grips with AI. I’m just as happy writing for consumers, employees or members, though.

How I work

I’ve been an in-house marketing manager. So I know that the last thing you want is a copywriter who creates more work for you.


I’ll sift through your materials, speak to your experts and distil what I discover into engaging content that achieves your goals. Without constantly bugging you for info.

Many suppliers require so much guidance it would be quicker to do it myself. I trust Claire to work independently, interpreting consultant speak and turning it into something engaging that everyone can understand.

Lynn Dike, Global Industry Ecosystems Brand, Marketing and Communications Leader, EY