You know that good copy is good for business.

It can entice people to visit your website, sign up for your newsletter, share your content, ask you a question or buy something from you. It can even motivate your own people to perform better.

The trouble is, everyone else knows it too.

So companies around the world are churning out white papers, blogs and email campaigns faster than you can say 'conversion rates'. Some of this copy's great. Some of it's awful. And a lot of it's clamouring for the attention of the people you're trying to reach. 

So how can you make your copy stand out from the crowd?

By making sure it's Clear, Lively, Accurate, Intelligent, Relevant and Effective.

Copy by Claire.

That's my writing mantra. And it means you'll get copy that achieves what you want it to, as well as being on brief, on tone, on time and on budget.


Copy that solves your problems, and frees you up to do other things.