“You are in danger of making me sound cool rather than my usual boring self.”

Derek Dobson, previously
EY Global
Defence Co-Lead and
EY Canada
Defence, Security and Resilience Lead

How I’m different

Of course, you want to reach your clients and prospects with great content. But often, that means wading through reams of materials – or picking the brains of your experts – to get your head around a topic. And, of course, briefing a writer to turn it all into concise, interesting copy.


That‘s where I come in. While some writers might shy away from this kind of work, I actually like sifting through complexity to find the simple story underneath. And I enjoy building strong relationships with the people
I write for.


So once youve briefed me, Ill happily take the rest of the job off your plate – from setting up interviews to managing approvals. And as I get to know your stakeholders better, I‘ll help you to plan their content and position them as the ‘go-to’ person for their specialism.