Your data’s safe with me

When you visit this website, it collects some information from you. Here’s what it collects and how I use it.

  1. Your full name and email address (but only if you fill in the form to join my mailing list). I may use this information to reply to you if you’ve sent me a question or have asked me to quote for work. I don’t share it with anyone else, and no one but me can access, change or destroy it.
  2. Anonymous information that helps my website to run smoothly. There are two kinds:                       
  • Usage data: this is information Google Analytics collects about the number of people who visit my website, how long they spend on it and which pages they look at.
  • Cookies: these are the small files that make it easier for my website and your computer to talk to each other. By accepting cookies, you’re saying you’re happy for these files to move to your computer. 
I can change this policy at any point. But if I do, I’ll always keep the old version. If I received your data before I changed the policy, I’ll treat it according to the policy that was in place at the time.
If you have any questions, drop me a line at:
Thanks for reading.
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